Swedish Corner at #KreNI6

20 Nov 2020 by KreNI

Hosting country of the #KreNI6 is Sweden as a leading country in the world in the field of digitalisation, tech development and sustainable development.

Sweden is a strong industrial nation and has been for centuries. At the moment it is ranked as a 2nd country in the world within Innovation.

Sweden’s innovative and successful industrial companies have laid the foundation for the country’s prosperity. With only 0.13 per cent of the world’s population, Sweden has managed to create surprisingly many multinational industrial companies. The key to success has been innovativeness and adaptability to change, which has made it possible for many of these companies to stay competitive and grow on the global market for centuries.

Swedish corner will be presented in the hall of Science Technology Park in Nis with two exhibitions:

- Smart industry – unlocking the potential

The world is in the midst of an industrial revolution, which puts the industry’s innovative thinking to the test. Smart industry – unlocking the potential is an exhibition based on eight cases with Swedish initiatives that strive to meet these challenges. The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with representatives from Vinnova, Research Institutes of Sweden (Rise), Husqvarna Group AB, Things, the strategic innovation programmes Produktion 2030 and Process Industrial IT and Automation (PiiA), as well as the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and Business Sweden in Berlin, among others.

The aim of the exhibition is to show Sweden’s conversion into an online and digitalised industry. Through the eight examples shown in the exhibition, we are highlighting parts of what is forming the basis of the industrial revolution that Sweden and the rest of the world are now in the middle of: digitalisation, automation technology, robotics and new materials. Start-ups are an important part of Sweden’s success and are included as a natural part of the exhibition.

- Nisava - Sustainable Future of the River

The exhibition "Nisava - Sustainable Future of the River" draws attention to the importance of wastewater treatment as a significant chance to recover the most important natural resource we have.

Through eight exhibition panels, the exhibition provides a broader context for environmental protection through water preservation at a time when the need for drinking water across the planet is steadily growing. Apart from the global aspect, the exhibition points out the mutual influence of human activity and the Nisava River, which reflects not only the quality of public health, food and life of the inhabitants of Nis, but also the entire Black Sea basin where Nisava flows. A separate segment of the exhibition refers to the importance that the construction of the future wastewater treatment plant on the territory of the city of Nis will have. The last part of the exhibition points to innovations in this area, and many of them were led by Sweden, the host country of this year's KreNi conference.