Lecture - IP4STARTUPS: Intellectual property in disruptive technologies

20 Nov 2020 by KreNI

What is the lecture about?

At this lecture participants will have the opportunity to learn how to recognize, protect & manage their intellectual property assets, and how it can help them create additional income for their start-ups.

The topics that will be covered are:

- Trademarks

- Patents

- Industrial design

- Copyright

- Geographical indications

- Trade secrets

- International protection

- Financing and valuation

- Benefits of IP protection

What am I going to learn?

Intellectual Property is one of the crucial actions for start-ups - because it creates new values, and new ways of monetizing those values. Through this lecture, start-ups will be familiar with the opportunities how to:

- Increase their chances of getting investments

- Protect their own products & services from competitors

- Rapidly increase market shares

- Create strategic partnerships and joint ventures

- Increase their chances of negotiation / takeover from larger corporations

- Prepare for an IPO - initial public offering

- Increase the chances of rapid success

- Opportunity to create multi- million euros business

About speaker: 
Gogo Rafajlovski is Operational Director @SEEUTechPark and IP Consultant who helps entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups reach-out their maximum potential.
With an ongoing 15-year successful career in managing StartUp Centers, Incubators, Accelerators & TechParks he has built-up a portfolio of experienced business consultant passionate about technology & brands - and he just loves outdoor sports.
His background includes: Operations Management, Startup Investments, Intellectual Property & Valuations.