01 Dec 2018 by KreNI

Adam Frampton, an Architect from New York City had a presentation today in American Corner, starting at 11 am. The presentation was about the book called Cities Without Ground, which was released in 2012. The book was written by Adam, Clara Wang and Jonathan D. Solomon. As Adam said, this is a Hong Kong guidebook, where he lived at the time of working on the book. He showed some of 32 maps that the book contains, which were made by measuring different templates. The 3 writers used color coding and more techniques to make the maps more useful and understandable for readers. Besides that, he presented the idea and examples of indoor connections between more buildings and the role of public space in Hong Kong. In Adam’s opinion, there’s no city like Hong Kong thanks to its elevated sky bridges and layered structure of the whole city. The main reason of writing this book was recognizing something others haven’t and understanding the value of this city’s system.