KreNI8 – work in progress

01 Nov 2022 by KreNI

This year topic of the KreNI will be: SLOW CULTURE VS METAVERSE.

The time in which we live is in many ways turbulent and requires daily learning and adapting to change, both good and bad. The rapid development of technology is forcing us to spend more and more of our business and free time in virtual environments, because digital platforms make our lives easier in many ways. On the other hand, seemingly imperceptibly, they quickly distract us from real life and speed up our daily activities and routines. It is often unnatural for us to stop, slow down, and enjoy the hours instead of counting them. 



At KreNI8 we will try to decode these two opposing worlds: metaverse and slow culture and try to reconcile them through the creative ideas of young people. Is it possible to work in the metaverse as best as possible, instead of as fast as possible; to take care of quality instead of quantity? And is it possible to use the achievements of the virtual world in the slow culture concept; is there a place for science fiction?