02 Dec 2020 by KreNI

On the second day of the KreNI conference, workshops continued during the day. Participants worked with their mentors on developing the ideas and mapping the presentations.
As the first part of the day was reserved for work and the development of ideas, the second part was reserved for KreNi Talks # 2, which included a large number of lecturers and presentations.
President of Young Ambassadors, Snezana Andric opened KreNI Talks #2 and welcomed all participants and partners.
The first keynote speaker was announced by the Director of The Italian Institute For Culture, Paola Cordone, who wished great conference to all and shared that The Italian Institute For Culture was supporting #KreNI also in previous editions.

Directly from Italy, Francesco Pusterla, BIM Coordinator in AFRY from Italy, joined us to share his knowledge about Visual Design. During his presentation, he stated that architects always try to present themselves through their projects and that it is always important to find the difference between what is virtual and what is physically tangible.

After his presentation, the next one came from Emanuel Corno, a game designer from France and it was about Design over tech. He pointed out that innovation does not always require advanced technologies - design is sometimes sufficient.

Next keynote speaker Stojan Vatreš, a Digital transformation expert at Erste Bank did speak about Digital transformation. This presentation emphasized the importance of digital transformation, and Stojan stated that it is the path from the current to the future business situation, the root of innovation, and the strategy of interruption and that it does not require a framework for execution.

“Digital transformation is a road from current to future business state, “ Stojan shared.

Mirjana Stojanovi?, Digital services manager at Ericsson talked about Empowering an intelligent sustainable, and connected world. She pointed out that 5G is not a new generation, but a platform for innovation.

The next lecturer on KreNi Talks #2 was Ljubiša Egelja, Director of marketing at OTP bank, who did a presentation about the banking sector and digital transformation. He gave us advice to challenge everything we do.

After Ljubiša, Sasha Cioringa, General Manager of Continental Automotive Serbia, did his presentation about the Application of AI in the Automotive industry. He pointed out that "your car knows you" and that we can build the future together.

The last in row presentation was held by Aleksandar Razmovski, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Seavus, and his topic was Next-gen Auto Machine learning solution to enhance your enterprise intelligence, where he shared about his company product.
Towards the closing of the conference, Snezana announced day 3 and 4, and shared that participants will be working intensively with their mentors and it’s expected to share their ideas on Monday, 30th of November, last day of KreNI6. While we wait for ideas to be shared, Panel Disruptive technologies as a force for good is organized.

Thank you for being part of Kreni Talks #1 and #2!