Irene Provvidenza

Business Developer

Irene Provvidenza holds a MSc degree in International Relations from the University of Perugia, Italy.
After residing in Sweden for three years, she ventured into the world of technology and innovation, working as International Business Developer at TeamDev, an Italian software house specialized in the smart city domain through the brand WiseTown.
With a keen interest in the European context and a dedication to inclusive and sustainable development projects for territories, she is part of the WiseTown team and the Digital Twin project for the city of Perugia.

TeamDev Ecosystem is a multi-professional system integrator company, designed to meet the challenge of innovation and enhance the logic of complexity. We are specialized in the digital transformation of Public Administration and SMEs, in the development of technological solutions for industry and in innovation in the world of sustainable development.
Wisetown is the brand dedicated to develop a complete software for digitising the city. Building the city of tomorrow is today’s challenge: to face it in the best possible way, it is not enough to have technology and data at our disposal, you need to know how to make the most of them. WiseTown transforms data into information to provide a decision support system and a wide range of civic technologies oriented to a sustainable urban development.