Dr. Vered Pnueli

Head of the Master's Degree in Digital Game Design and Development at Shenkar, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Kadar Game Center

Vered Pnueli is a pioneer in the development of the academic field of digital games in Israel. As part of her doctoral dissertation at Brunel University in London, she researched the emergence of a unique aesthetic language for digital games and wrote about the ways in which games can evoke social and ideological change. In 2009 Vered established the Digital Game Design and Development Program at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv. The center became the Kadar Game Center with the support of Michal and Dr. Avraham Kadar.. Vered has established the first academic program for digital games in Israel and serves as the head of the Master's Degree in Digital Game Design and Development at Shenkar. Co-founder and director​of the 2015 Purposeful Games Summer School, a co-operation between the MIT University and Shenkar. Co-founder of PlayLab, an incubation program for game designers in cooperation with the GKL group. She is the director of a training program together with the foundation of 'Games for Change' focused on training teachers in schools in America, Israel, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, to develop digital games as tools for learning. Founder of Press Start an international school for studying game design and a think tank for companies and artists for research and development of games