Itshe Petz and Io Tondolo

CEOs of SelfSightSeeing Company

SelfSightSeeing Company was initially founded as an Art Collective in 2005 by Itshe Petz. They are developing projects in the fields of art installation, Interior Design, food concepts and artistic research for cultural spaces, art festivals, Universities and Companies.

The companies CEOs are Itshe Petz and Io Tondolo, known as the Art Twins Itshe & Io. With their current main Project: Casa Tondolo, a styrian Mountain Resort including an Restaurant, B&B and recreational Workshop Space they are focussed on research in Tourism Design.


For Kreni7 Itshe & Io will focus on their artistic research and design strategies. Emphasizing on the innovative environmental psychology and touristic aspects of their site specific installations and projects: Campsalon, TRUST 111, Districta 23, Sanatorium Sonnenland, We are Souvenir, Merkur Campus, Weingut Kaariegel, Villa Alban Berg and Casa Tondolo.