Markus Petzl

Austria, Founder of Disruptive - beyond your strategy

Markus Petzl is a cheeky guy. He says: Front is always there where nobody knows his way around yet. In front is Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or Shenzhen. In the back, there is Europe. That is so. But it does not have to be like that. That's why Markus is considered the most disruptive of all the speakers. Because he refreshingly combines cheekiness with competence and disruption with strategy. As founder of the strategy consultancy - Disruptive - beyond your strategy; he accompanies companies into new exponential times. He finds that really cool. And never easy. Because corporate and disruption do not speak the same language. Markus shows you how it works anyway. In his lectures, he inspires the participants with a firework of disruptive approaches from the crazy world of digitalization paired with practical examples from real business life. In this way, he encourages you to think crazy and conquer new markets. In summary, lives, thinks and he revolutionizes quite cheekily between Vienna, Berlin, Tel Aviv and San Francisco. And maybe soon with you, too.