DR Slobodan Milutinović

Serbia, Environment And Climate Change

DR Slobodan Milutinovic is an internationally recognized expert in environment and climate change with 25+ years of professional experience. Basically trained as an architect, he earned hid PhD in environmental engineering at the University of Nis in 1993. From 1994 he is lecturing at the same University (from 2004 as a tenured professor). He was also lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania and University of North Carolina (USA), University of Padua (Italy) and Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) as Fulbright and Erasmus visiting professor. In parallel, Dr. Milutinovic was engaged as independent consultant in number of large-scale and complex national, regional, and international projects (Middle East and North Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro, Bosnia), particularly in the environment and climate change sector.